The Totality of Mental Health Practice

In this article, I intend to explore my premise of influence on defining mental health. The argument I make regarding mental health practice is fundamentally related to health as its defined extensively in my previous article: Defining health, purpose, and the meaning of life.   These articles are long, due to the process of identifying and […]

What To Do After Being Diagnosed With Chronic Pain

Guest Post by Ms. Waters from [Bio Found at Bottom] When you received your diagnosis of chronic pain, you probably wondered how your life would change. That’s entirely normal, as this diagnosis can be serious. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce your pain and increase your tolerance so you can maintain your quality of life. […]

Therapeutic Horticulture for Mental Health

Therapeutic Horticulture for Mental Health It has long been recognized, that positive mental health is associated with gardening and plants. This has been termed therapeutic horticulture. Cultures worldwide have made this connection for centuries, yet today, less and less time is being spent outdoors and yet more and more time is becoming sedentary. In the video above, […]

The Best Job Ever: Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

Mental Health Occupational Therapy Following Your Passion First, I want you to think about a few mental health questions. Who has ever dreamed of being an Olympic athlete? How about a sports coach? Personal trainer? Or, if your like me, who of you would have been happy just being the towel or water boy? What […]