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Question Jenga – Anxiety 

Question Jenga – Emotion 

Question Jenga – Social Supports 

More About Question Jenga 

I often find this group is the single most patient agreed upon favorite treatment activity to which I can engage a variety of cognitive status and acutely levels within the inpatient unit. 

I created these questions, though the activity idea does not belong to me. I appreciate the freedom to have versatile low-budget material. Not all questions are serious, as there is a sense of humor that reflects my effort to make treatment engaging for young adults. 

I like to remind my fellow peers who can probably say better than I, it is never the Jenga that is therapeutic, but the clinical reasoning and skill of the practitioner. How I use it as an occupation-based activity often relates to where my group is in the Tuckman’s (1963) four-stage model: Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing). Reference to come. 

Number example
taped questions version

There are two ways I have done question Jenga; numbering the Jenga or writing questions on the Jenga. The attached word documents correlate to the Number (1-54) style of doing it as there are 54 blocks in a standard set. I like the number method because I can switch out the topic questions easy. However, I suppose a therapist could do both questions and numbers. 

I give full permission to copy and paste, steal, lie, and do whatever you please with the questions and inspiration, so long as it meets your treatment needs safely. Credit is appreciated, but I am loved by a wonderful family, so credit is not needed. 

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Example Jenga Questions

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