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Enchanted Objects: What’s Your Attention Getter?

They are about as cool as they look

Question Jenga: Facilitate Unlimited Topics

Facilitate Unlimited Topics

Paint Swatches: Can’t Beat Free Resources

Free is the best price

Paper Airplanes: Origami for the Misfits


If your a therapist interested in what I do, checkout these resources and head to my contact page or comment below. I am also grateful for additional feedback or suggestions.

OT Project Flowchart

This is a Flowchart I made to handout to participants when they come into a group focused on self chosen and initiated projects. During these groups participants are encouraged to engage in a task that fits their interests. However, it is not unusual for participants to be either bored, uninterested, lacking self-esteem, or be suffering from any of the other variety of barriers participants who are admitted to an inpatient unit might have. The flowchart is intended to be a light hearted attempt to assist participants in identifying a task they might be interested in.

However, the therapist is still necessary to grade the task and facilitate the context for engagement in meaningful and purposeful activity.

OT Project Flowchart

Activities Available Example Handout

To aid in communicating to new people to the unit and the other unit staff, I’ve worked on posting what resources for the unit are available and where. I find some staff are unsure if it’s okay to take out certain material or else don’t know where it is located. Below is an example handout I created that is ever changing and growing, that lists some of the activities available.

Activities Available Example Handout