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About Me

Before I was an Occupational Therapist (OT), I was a camp counselor for Bible camps and summer sports camps at the University of North Dakota. Through college and OT school I worked as a Resident Assistant and a Resident Manager for university Housing. Again; this developed my creative skills. I made bulletin boards and event flyers while planning, organizing, and leading routine group events.

I did not expect when finishing the Master’s of Occupational Therapy program in 2016, that I would find myself working an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit with young adults (age 18-25) who suffered from mental health disorders. In addition, I continued to work Inpatient Rehabilitation with individuals who had medical injuries. Working in both mental health and physical disability helped me see the true value of occupational therapy as a fundamental idea about what it means to be human and live life.

I tend to care about the “why” and the meaning of it all. I have centered my life around pursuing a relationship with God. However, I have been fortunate to have found great joy and excitement in learning about the historical relevance and history of my profession of OT.

This website is ultimately my personal learning project, displaying my effort to grow personally and professionally. Just as we change as we grow, expect this website to continue to change as I grow. My interest is not to gain a following, but to organize the overwhelming information that exists on what it means to live full, healthy, meaningful lives.

For Starters Read: Defining Mental Health, Purpose, and the Meaning of Life

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