My number one goal is: To make positive mental health behavior appealing.

To do this I hope to provide resources and content to keep your mental health, positive! That way you don’t have to experience my sometimes silly attempts at making mental health group treatment engaging.

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About Me

Inpatient Mental Health

I did not dream when graduating with a Master’s of Occupational Therapy (MOT) in 2016, that I would find myself working my dream job in Inpatient Mental Health. I blame that on God, He’s always up to having a better plan for my life than I intend.

My creative passions have collided with my career working on a young adult specific unit (18-24yrs).  I strive to provide engaging, modern, out-of-the-box, yet evidenced-based treatment in a setting that feels connected to the roots of where OT began.

Reality Check

Despite my efforts to make a sweet looking website, my every day does not. Leading groups is a bit messy with a lot of on-the-spot learning and improvisation. I often put effort into a new handout, just to have it be still be rejected as boring.

With my writing, I do not want to falsely give the impression I have treatment down to a science. What I do have is a passion and a joy in what I do. I also have an interest in becoming better through collaboration, learning, and reading lots of research.

I love writing, or as someone told me once “you actually like typing.” Writing and discussing my progress is the one of the best ways I learn. It’s called reflection. Think about that one for a second. Ha, you reflected. See?

I hope to inspire others to recognize the value in mental health treatment. This website is about having that conversation.

Where My Interests Began


Before I was an Occupational Therapist (OT), I was a camp counselor for Bible camps and the University of North Dakota. I regularly led and organized games, events, and activities.

Through college and OT school I worked as a Resident Assistant and a Resident Manager for the university housing. Again; this developed my creative skills. I made bulletin boards and event flyers while planning, organizing, and leading routine group events.

In fact, one of my favorite tools for therapy I first discovered while I was a Resident Assistant. That tool is Paint Swatches.

Check out What I Teach for Mental Health to learn more about what I do.

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